HVAC Building & Process Automation

Are you looking for a simple and easy to operate product to implement projects in the field of building automation, as well as in process automation, quickly and with little engineering effort? Then you have come to entirely the right place! 

We offer a complete and immediately ready to use software extension for the cost-free CODESYS development environment. And never having heard of CODESYS is not a reason for you to stop here. Our product contains function modules and macros which are specially developed for the sector and which can be used easily and with little learning effort.

Count on us and benefit from 30 years of experience in building and process automation! 

Well thought-out visualization elements

Place finished and perfectly thought-out visualisation elements with only a few mouse clicks - on the left, in the example, a finished heating circuit and an adjustable heating curve.

- Visualisation elements are available as macros

- Design adjustments can be made individually

- Easy and quick placement of the macros by drag'n'drop

Functionality for manual override

With the manual override, you can override the automatic mode on the software side and reach the desired state.

A finished Visu object, as well as an easy-to-use functional component, is available for this purpose. Of course, the function is available for both analogue and digital values.

All manual overrides can be reset at a central overall control unit.

Integrated vacation, special times and public holidays functionality

Finished system for vacation days / works holidays, as well as public holidays and special times can be specified.

With this macro, the user can intuitively define "exception times" that have an influence on the control of their system. But even you, as a programmer, benefit from this macro, as you can use the settings in a recurring manner and simply via an interface in the program.

Placing of elements via drag and drop

All visualisation elements can be easily selected from an available pool of macros and placed via drag and drop.

User-friendly parameterisation of the functional components

All functional components can be parameterised in a user-friendly manner with the assistance of the parameter window. Thus, all parameters in the program are persistent and will be retained after restarting a controller.

CODESYS + HVAC by Pfänder

The HVAC Building & Process Automation  product can be tested free of charge and without obligation. You do not need any hardware controller or other equipment which has to be paid for. Convince yourself and experience the benefits which this product delivers in conjunction with CODESYS.  --> Start directly with Quick access

In conjunction with CODESYS, you benefit from the following advantages for our product:

  • You can run our product completely independently of hardware on one of over 350 different devices.
  • Full HTML5 capable visualisation, which is supported by every modern browser.
  • Modular customisable extensions of your controller.
  • Obtain expansions easily and quickly, directly from CODESYS, via Appstore
  • A detailed documentation in which the functions of our functional components and macros are very well described. 
  • CODESYS provides a modern and clearly structured development environment that makes it easy for you to use our product.
  • and lots more


Getting started with CODESYS in the area of building automation requires only a few steps and we are very pleased to be available to assist you. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us - Contact.

Our product is used in building automation and process automation. Possible areas of use are as follows:

  • Ventilation systems 
  • Mechanical engineering and system techology
  • Whole HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) area
  • Energy management and load management
  • Process refrigeration and process heating
  • Individual room control
  • Pressure regulation compressors
  • Wastewater technology
  • Cleanroom technology
  • and lots more

See for yourself how fast the product can be used and obtain an overview of the different functions.

Product information

HVAC Building & Process Automation SL

90,00 €

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) Functional components and HTML5 visualisation.
Automate and visualise your entire building technology professionally and independently of hardware: ventilation systems, heat generation, heating circuit distribution, individual room control, room automation, light and blind control

Without purchasing a license (just download), the HVAC Library SL runs for 30 minutes without functional limitations and disconnects automatically (demo).


The HVAC Building & Process Automation SL product contains functional components and HTML5 system macros for creating, for example, heating and ventilation systems but also for room automation and other industrial system technology. There is an added value, above all, in the easy programming and the hardware independence of controllers and EA groups. Extensions such as, for example, MySQL Library, EA drivers and more allow the user a modular coverage of the requirements. The product portfolio is always being expanded with new functions, products and communication links of common bus systems. Extensive training sessions, support and individual service provisions for software creation complete the offer.
Benefit from 30 years of experience in building automation: Development, closely associated with practice, of this library is our aspiration.

Decide for yourself on which controller to run your application - simple, inexpensive automation tasks on a Raspberry Pi with full functionality or professional, fail-safe automation tasks on other controllers - industrial PC or a controller of the 350 producers from the CODESYS device directory.



Quick access

1. Download CODESYS

Download CODESYS directly from the CODESYS Store.

If you are not yet registered, you have to create an account.

2. install CODESYS 

Follow the guided CODESYS installation. 


3. HVAC Building & Process Automation SL downloaden

Download the product HVAC Building & Process Automation directly from the CODESYS Store.


4. install HVAC Building & Process Automation SL 

As soon as the download is completed, you can start the guided installation.

6. Open sample project and explore functions

After the successful installation, you can open the sample project. 
This is located in the user directory: 

C:\Users\<Username>\CODESYS HVAC Building & Process Automation SL\<Library Version>\Example


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